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there’s room to sprawl, time freezes in a sense

von Guilherme Maggessi und

Rafał Morusiewicz

2023 | SPEDITION Kunst- & Kulturverein, Bremen.

The artist duo Magessi & Morusiewicz* from Vienna works with methods of appropriation, recycling and re-staging, such as collage, montage, sampling and found footage. The starting points of their work are their preoccupation with film, sexuality, pornography, images of orientalisation (which are also inherently a pornographic gaze, the gaze from an ‚outside‘) and the examination of fabulations queer futures.

Magessi & Morusiewicz work with video, textiles and print. What they have in common is an interest in critical archival studies from a queer perspective. As a duo, they work to establish a collaborative artistic research practice that combines filmmaking, performance, curating and writing.

Within the framework of the lecture series of the IKFK of the Universiy Bremen: „Critical Porn Studies — Künstlerische-mediale Positionen und neue Perspektiven“.

Curated by Thomas Böker & Francisco Valenca Vaz

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